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Model Minority is proud to be recognized as an award-winning, independent journalistic podcast. 

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With over 2K downloads and an audience in over 10 different countries, Model Minority U.A. has been used as educational material in schools and built a community all around the world.

Model Minority launched in

August 2020! 


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My name is Nidhi Shastri, and I’ve created a podcast to discuss what being a Model Minority in America really looks like, the good, the bad, and the invisible.

In an effort to break down these biases and shake up our views, I'm discussing poverty, race, education, sexuality, and more in the Asian, African, and Middle Eastern diasporas.

Hiding who we are and displaying who we are supposed to be, has often been a survival tactic for model minorities in America. And it's not just about our actions. Many of us feel the need to conform and stand on this painfully constricting pedestal.

I’m excited to bring my work to you all. The discussion does not end when my episodes do, so feel free to ask questions and share comments right here through our page.

As always, shukriya, and thank you for being here. I’m glad to have you. And welcome to Model Minority… Uniquely American.

Uplifting voices & sharing stories as diverse and beautiful as our people.

- N. S.

The M.M. Book List:

A growing compilation of pieces written by our guests and sources Nidhi uses in the show! (Click the image for a link to the book or piece!) 

The Paper Kingdom

Helena Ku Rhee

The All-American

Andrew Kung

Desis Divided

Sangay Mishra

The Association of Small Bombs

Karan Mahajan


Karan Mahajan,

The New Yorker

Screen Shot 2020-12-27 at 10.48.30 PM.pn
Unequal Consequences 

SAALT Non-profit

Shadow on Concrete Wall


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Hey everyone! My name is Nidhi Shastri. I was raised near Chicago, IL. I identify as a Gujarati woman, and have worked in government, non-profits, and universities. I'm so glad to have you here! :] Shukriya for your support!


Model Minority: Uniquely American would not be possible without the work of various musicians and artists who lend their talents to the creative commons.


Below is an ever-growing list of all the artists and songs used in episodes:

  •  Backwaters -- Airtone (ft. Javolenus)

  • CommonGround -- Airtone

  • DisEnchantment -- Airtone

  • Midwinter -- Airtone (ft. OnlyMeith)

  • Nightrain -- Airtone

  • NoodleSoup -- Airtone (ft. Javolenus)

  • QuarkXpress -- Airtone

  • ReCreation -- Airtone

  • ReNovation -- Airtone

  • WuChi -- Airtone

  • Corona Fears -- ApoXode (ft. Doxent Zsigmond, alexjc916, Martijn de Boer, Javolenus, reiswerk, Jeris, Stefan Kartenberg, CSoul)

  • Kaaistoep -- Doxent (ft. Javolenus, Speck, Martijn de Boer)

  • Reverie (small theme) -- _ghost (ft. Pitx)

  • Anuzzer Reprise  -- Javolenus

  • Americanos -- Martijn de Boer (ft. Javolenus)

  • Blues for Jan -- Martijn de Boer (ft. Javolenus)

  • Light -- OnlyMeith (ft. airtone)

  • Open -- Reiswerk (ft. Leza Boyland)

  • Mr Sun -- Robbero

  • Until Dry Summertime -- Septahelix (ft. Leza Boyland, Lemoneight, JeffSpeed68, reiswerk)

  • Take The Mushroom And Run -- Septahelix

  • Café connection -- MorganTj (ft. Morusque) *This is our sign-on music*

    • Scratch_Beat09 -- BeatMachine (ft. jeff speed) *This is our sign-off music*

To the artists -- Thank you!! - N.S. 


 Model Minority: Uniquely American | 2020